Don’t believe the unemployment stats

The government double-speak on unemployment must mean they are lying.

According to the BBC, UK unemployment falls to 2.53 million

The number of people out of work in the UK has continued to decline.

Unemployment fell by 50,000 to 2.53m in the three months to August, taking the jobless rate down to 7.9% from 8.1%.

What’s worrying is the media’s acceptance of these figures and what’s likely is the public will believe it. Media coverage will lead to people feeling they have to believe the statistics or feeling confused.

The real story is that the Tories are seeking to hide their real agenda on employment and avert a negative public reaction by lying about the unemployment figures.

An  article in Johnnyvoid’s blog does an excellent job on debunking the figures. More of this work needs to be done to stop the public being duped.

Yet, there is good reason to feel confused about the statistics, because –

  • How can GDP be declining while unemployment is rising?
  • How can consumer spending be declining when more people are being employed?
  • How can there be a panic about government spending on unemployment benefit if fewer people are unemployed?

In fact, that is the giveaway. The Tories cannot believe that welfare spending is a major problem and believe that the same ‘ballooning’ welfare costs are naturally being reduced.

This is from Osborne’s conference speech:

And if we want to go on doing that, and limit the cuts to departments, then we will have to find greater savings in the welfare bill.

£10 billion of welfare savings by the first full year of the next Parliament.
Iain Duncan Smith and I are committed to finding these savings while delivering the most radical reform of our welfare system for generations with a Universal Credit so work always pays…

How could a country that wants to compete in the world economy possibly explain that it’s cutting budgets on things like schools and science because it couldn’t summon the political will to control welfare?

So, it’s vital that they cut welfare spending but they also say that unemployment is falling – which  means spending will be reduced anyway.

Meanwhile, in July the government was getting less on income tax and spending more on welfare payments, according to this news article:

In a traditionally strong month (July), income tax and corporation tax receipts were down while government spending grew 5.1%, mostly due to welfare payments.

How come all this has reversed all of a sudden? Of course, it hasn’t, the government is lying about unemployment.

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