Good Zim elections, bad for UK

UK is facing a crunch time on Zimbabwe and Africa. They have to decide to drop sanctions against the country. If they don’t, many Africans on the continent will begin to have serious doubts about whether they’ve given up on their racist colonialism.

A key indicator is the US. They have stayed totally silent on alleged voter fraud. This is because Obama doesn’t want Africans to think of him as an Uncle Tom. Another indicator is the EU are saying they won’t comment on the “massive voter fraud” until they’ve had time to think about it. In reality, they accept that the UK-US coup campaign has failed. The UK is being left on a limb.

Most people in the West, including the Left and many black people, believed the media when it told them that Mugabe held on to power by vote rigging and mass violence. They will think that if Mugabe has a landslide win without much violence there must have been massive vote rigging, as the MDC and some local ‘observers’ claim.

Yet, the African Union and the Southern African Development Community seem prepared to say the elections were free and fair. And there are more observers from other countries not publicised by the media, also saying: ‘free and fair.  Are they all liars? And why would they lie for the pariah Mugabe? This is a total puzzle for those people who will  will deal with by denial, by pretending  SADC and the AU are not saying what they are saying. For most people, though, Zimbabwe doesn’t matter and they can accept views that appeal to their fantasies.  On the other hand, the UK government’s views will be judged by Africans and their governments.

Many ordinary Africans have also gone along with the West on Mugabe. But now they see a Zimbabwe that is being supported by China, that is economically growing, where violence has apparently vanished and where the Western supported MDC is shown to be corrupt. Ordinary Africans are beginning to distrust the West

The Zimbabwe elections have been similar to recent elections in Kenya. A pro-Western party has lost and accused the winner of fraud. The winner defied Western put-downs and won. Age-old, violent ethnic tensions, as we were told, have mysteriously vanished.

In reality, people were duped by Western orchestrated ‘ethnic violence’ done to help their man, Odinga get into power. He would then stop this trade with China that had been freeing Kenya from ‘Western aid’. Like in Zimbabwe, their covert operations didn’t work. Africans increasingly don’t buy the ‘Chinese neo-colonialism’ propaganda. They are also rejecting the talk of ‘hopeless Africans in need of Western interference’.

The UK has a problem.

The Kenyan Presidential Election and What It Means for the West
by Kevin Kraft March 15, 2013

Berkeley Political Review

…In spite of the ever-present ethnic and political tensions, this year’s presidential election has been almost entirely peaceful. Odinga has again claimed fraud, but has promised to challenge the election results through the established court system. While Odinga supporters are undoubtedly unhappy with the results, they have expressed their frustrations through peaceful protest and publicly maintained faith in the courts to solve the problem. Both on a domestic and international level, there seem to be proud feelings that Kenya has matured as a democratic country.

The election of Kenyatta in spite of his ICC indictment suggests a shift against Western influence in Kenyan politics. Rather than detracting from his political appeal, as many expected, Kenyatta’s ICC indictment may have actually won him more votes by galvanizing public opinion in defiance of the West. In Kenya, and in most other African nations, it is increasingly popular to portray the ICC as a tool of the West that unfairly targets African leaders. The influential Western leaders who publicly doubted Kenyatta’s electoral prospects no doubt added to this anti-Western sentiment and served as a defiant rallying cry for Kenyatta’s supporters. As Ayo Johnson, the director of ViewPoint Africa, put it: The election of Kenyatta “sent a loud message to the ICC…don’t interfere. And it does not matter if you brand our leaders as criminals”…

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One Response to Good Zim elections, bad for UK

  1. HindsPR says:

    The Guardian says that a fair election that Mugabe wins is a problem for the West,
    The EU will come up with conditions but they will get rid of the sanctions – it is the UK and the US that has the problem.

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