Opinion polls show Mugabe victory

This article reveals opinion polls before the Zimbabwe election that pointed to an overwhelming Zanu-PF victory. It makes it  clear that Mr Tsvangirai and the MDC’s attempts to say that there was massive election fraud is part of a  big lie campaign. Yet, given what we have been told about the ‘mass murdering, brutal, tyrant’ Mugabe, the election result makes no sense. How could people who have been mass murdered by Mugabe now vote for him? Of course, the answer is that the West had a big lie campaign. Many black people, including many on the TUC Race Relations Committee, in the NUJ, and black journalists association, Inspire, believed the lie campaign. (Although, according to a poll in the early part of the 2000 decade, one-third of Voice readers regarded Mugabe as a strong leader. While he came third in a poll of African heroes in an African magazine.) If  people believe the nonsense ‘Mugabe Matabeleland genocide’ story, they need to explain why apartheid South Africa did not lead a  campaign similar to what they did in Angola to create a civil war to remove Mugabe.

Mugabe’s Zanu-PF Heads for Landslide, Clean Sweeps In Six Provinces …Countless surveys ahead of the elections from organisations as diverse as the US think-tank Council on Foreign Relations, Freedom House, Afrobarometer and pollsters like the Mass Public Opinion institute, MDC-T allies among them the NCA, Concerned ZCTU Affiliates, Sokwanele, and Zimbabwe vigil and media organisations like the New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent and the leftwing magazine Counterpunch had all pointed to a Zanu-PF victory. On the eve of polling, reports emerged that the US State department had gagged Freedom House from releasing its latest survey results that indicated a crushing victory for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in harmonised elections. The Freedom House survey gave President Mugabe a 10 percent lead over Mr Tsvangirai and predicted a two thirds majority for Zanu-PF in the National Assembly where the revolutionary party was tipped to garner at least 140 seats in the 210 seat assembly… Freedom House poll, July 2012 When asked who they would vote for if parliamentary elections were held tomorrow, 47% of respondents said they would not vote, or refused to indicate who they would vote for (up from 41% in 2010). Of the 53% who declared their preference, 20% said they would support MDC-T (down from 38% in 2010) and 31% ZANU PF (up from 17% in 2010)

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